ФУКИ (FUKE) – фото-художник из Японии

Фуки П-сан (FUKE P-san) придумал для своих фотографий такие цвета, которые ассоциируются с его чувствами и эмоциями. Фуки родился в 1957 году в городке в провинции Кагава, Япония. С 1976 по 1980 годы учился в университете Цукуба, специализировался в области печатного искусства. С 1980 года живет в Сикоку, Кагава, Япония.

FUKE says like this: «I make something which speaks to us. At first, imagine to climb up a high mountain and look at the distance, think that there is oneself who obtained a large field of vision. The expressed something with the high will goes across the area. Even if it was born at a specific small place, it will be also liked by the people at other places.

They sometimes exceed the fence of the field of the expression that somebody decided long ago. When it touched the heart of many people, it is handed down and is over the times. The people who adopted the way of this thinking are touching a foot step in the place where they were born and raised well and come to watch the distance with their hearts. It does not let people and a local difference be outstanding and it weakens a difference. I want to make such something». FUKE P-san