Майкл Освальд (Michael Oswald) – цифровой художник

Майкл Освальд 32 года, живет в Кловис (Калифорния, США). Работает по специальности (дизайнером). «I think I always knew that art was in my future. Even as far back as preschool I can remember drawing pictures in class and wondering why no one else put as much time and effort into it. I do believe that the focus and determination it takes to be a successful artist is something people are born with so I don’t really see it as something I was in control of. My job was to nurture it and try not to take it for granted». Michael Oswald


«My artwork is a digital process that is best described as photo manipulation. I start with a photograph, and I digitally “paint” directly on top of the photo. It is a unique process which requires many hours of detailing. The style really developed on its own while I played around in Photoshop, learning various techniques through trial and error — a strategy that I highly recommend».


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