Албан Хендерик (Alban Henderyckx) – фотограф пейзажист

Профессиональный гид  и фотограф Alban Henderyckx создает отличные пейзажи. В настоящее вермя он живёт в Рейкьявике. О себе и своём творчестве Албан Хендерик рассказывает: «Originally from the shores of the Atlantic, my childhood was rocked by the rhythm tide on wild coast of southwest France…

Finally I became professional photographer and mountain guide based in Iceland passionate about Arctic landscapes. Also I explore the 4th corners of the world and its many faces with always this vital need to freeze the ephemeral atmospheres.

Teacher by nature, I like the idea to share my skills and visions during Photo-Workshops, immersion in nature, a look at the places I like or the techniques used to create images of another world to a fairy-tale or drama.

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